Google Assistant with Translate Mode for iOS and Android

assistant translator 1

It may be useful.

If you are up to date with news about the Google Assistant, then probably the translator mode is not foreign to you. This functionality has been present since the beginning of this year on smart displays and speakers. Now the technological giant has decided to expand the news with Android and iOS smartphones.

I must admit that the term "Translator mode" may seem vague at first. In order to take advantage of the news, please speak to Google Assistant something like: "Hey Google, help me speak English" or "Hey Google, be my Japanese translator". Artificial intelligence will listen to the foreign language and display the translated transcription on the phone's display.

In addition, the Assistant will suggest answers that we can use to continue the conversationto make the conversation a little more dynamic. I must admit that the described functionality can be useful in many situations. It is faster to pull out your smartphone and say one command rather than look (probably under stress) for a special Translator application.

This is not the only news related to the Translator recently. We have recently dealt with a kind of integration Google Maps from the abovementioned service. These types of changes should of course be a plus.

Source: Engadget