Google Assistant with support for several note-taking applications

google assistant notes 1

Creating lists will be more convenient.

Making lists like daily plans is becoming an increasingly popular and common habit among many people. The latest update of the Google Assistant will certainly appeal to those groups who cannot imagine everyday functioning without saving various things in Google Keep mobile applications.

Google Assistant has just enriched with support for several programs for taking notes. We are talking about such services as, AnyList, Bring! and Google Keep. Of course, the assistant from the giant from Moutain View has its own system that allows you to create voice lists, but it is a rather primitive tool and often not working as it should.

google list assistant 1

The announced integration will cause that information entered orally on telephones, smart displays or speakers will be directly transferred to the assigned application. To configure the function, go to the Google Assistant settings and then to the "Services" section, where the "Notes and lists" menu should exist.

At this time, only English commands are supported, but it is possible that Google Assistant will soon understand Polish. I am talking about such commands as "Create a list of Christmas presents" or "Show me my notes".

Source: 9to5google