Google announces Chrome without tracking cookies

chrome tracking cookies


Here is another great example that competition in the market is something great for consumers. Google under pressure from the decisions of other browser developers (Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft) finally announced that it would block support for tracking cookies from third parties in the Chrome web browser. This will happen before 2020. Currently, approximately 67% of all internet users use Google Chrome, who automatically agree to how their privacy is protected.

Mountain View announced its plans through a blog post. Cookies are small pieces of code that, in a way, "stick" to an Internet user as you use subsequent websites. Tracking type "cookies" are currently used mostly by advertisers and are able to monitor the activity of a given user over many websites visited to, for example, serve personalized advertising on that basis. Justin Schuh, one of Chrome's engineers announced the elimination of these files from the Chrome browser at the moment "finding a way to meet the needs of users, publishers and advertisers". Apparently Google already has some interesting alternatives.

The Google announcement was published the day before Microsoft widely shared itss the latest Edge browser using the Chromium engine. The Microsoft Edge browser comes with anti-tracking enabled by default. Google knows that it must make every effort to make its solution better, because Internet users are increasingly aware of how to take care of their security and privacy online.

Source: Google