Gmail: Dynamic emails from first users

gmail amp 2


We heard about dynamic emails for the first time from Google in March this year. The first public functional tests took place during this year's holiday period and everything indicates that the novelty will soon debut with each of us. So it's time to present the details of the upcoming changes.

Dynamic emails are to be used with the coding standard Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which in a nutshell will simplify the interaction between sender and recipient. This solution enters mobile Gmail for iOS and Android less than a year after the official announcement of the concern.

Let me explain the principle of the function using an example. In the online store X, you add a few items to the cart and leave the website. Portal owners tend to encourage "completing orders" by email. Often, however, such messages only contain textual information and a link to the store. Let's arrange – we often ignore such reminders.

gmail amp 1

Dynamic messages will allow you to interact without leaving Gmail. The seller can therefore include photos of clothes left in the basket and allow them to be purchased from the e-mail client. In this way, we also suspect the status of the shipment if we decide to make a transaction. I must admit that this type of solution may prove to be really useful more than once.

The update containing the functionality described above should reach all users over the next few weeks.

Source: Android Police