Get a present: Nova Launcher Prime for usd 1.79

Nova Launcher Prime

Christmas discount.

Not everyone knows that when deciding to buy an Android smartphone, we are not dependent on the interface that the manufacturer serves us by default. All thanks to launcher applications, which are an overlay on the home screen and application drawer.

One of the most valued applications of this type is Nova Launcher, the download counter has already exceeded 50 million. The TeslaCoil Software solution is available in the basic version completely free, but the manufacturer also sells a more advanced version marked as Prime. By default, Nova Launcher Prime costs usd 24 but now (just like last year) we will pay for it only usd 1.79. The promotion lasts until December 30, and the app you will find in the Play store.

Nova Launcher Prime in promotion

Nova Launcher Prime in promotion

Why switch to version Prime? This version supports a lot of interface customization options, custom tabs or folders in the application drawer, convenient gestures on the desktop, allows you to hide applications, etc.

Nova LP

We recommend you check Nova Launcher in both the free and paid version. For smartphones with an underdeveloped and slow interface (and there are many of them), the alternative launcher can definitely speed up the device.