Gdynia will be the first city with a 5G network from Play in Poland

5g play Gdynia

Play reveals its plans.

A few days ago we informed you about plans Polkomtel related to the construction of the 5G network in Poland. Today we learned what Play is preparing for 2020. It turns out that 5G from Play will start at the beginning in Gdynia. A memorandum with the city authorities has already been signed in this matter, and Minister Wanda Buk representing the Ministry of Digitization took part in the ceremonial ceremony.

Play, under a signed agreement, has committed to launch a 5G network on over 100 base stations. The auction for the frequency band above 24 GHz has not yet started, therefore Play will initially operate on the band used so far by the 4G network.

"Gdynia is the first Polish city in which the latest generation of networks has been introduced on such a large scale. This is possible thanks to Play's consistent implementation of technological solutions using existing frequency resources in the 2100 MHz band in the frequency sharing model. It is also an important moment for the entire telecommunications industry in Poland, because the 5G network has never been made available in such a large range " – informs Play press office.

Yes, you read it right in Gdynia 5G will initially operate on the 2100 MHz band. The famous slogan advertisement is reminiscent "5G Ready", which was used by the Play network and which caused outrage among many Internet users. It should be known, however, that Polkomtel is implementing the 5G network in a similar way, which is starting construction of 5G at 2600 MHz.

The European Commission wants the 5G network to cover at least one city in each member country in 2020. By 2025, it should appear in all major cities and on transport routes. Ultimately, the 5G network is to allow data transfer at 1 Gb / s with delays less than 5 milliseconds.

In Poland, 4G does not work properly everywhere today …

Source: Play