Gboard: from now on you will search for GIF using emoji

gboard new 2

An interesting feature.

Every year, emoji is becoming an increasingly popular means of communication, through which we can express our feelings using one or several simple pictures. Developers do not shun the use of the phenomenon of emoticons – this is clearly seen on the example of the application Gboard.

The popular virtual keyboard will soon be enriched with a useful function that will certainly appeal to users who like to send emotions and GIFs. It's basically about integrating these two ways of expressing your thoughts.

The quite original suggestion system is tested. After entering the emoticons in the chat field, there will be GIF suggestions corresponding to the selected emoji. The screenshots provided show that the new product is not yet developed.

gboard new 1

However, it is difficult to determine the level of usefulness of the function. Fortunately, Google will offer consumers the option to disable suggestions – the option to opt out of new products will definitely appeal to people with slow connections or limited data transfer.

It is also unknown whether the company will ultimately decide to implement the novelty globally. For now, it has been noticed only by a small group of Internet users. They say many emoji don't have a GIF group assigned yet. From this observation, we can conclude that the function is still in the early stages of testing.

Source: Android Police