Galaxy Note10 or iPhone 11 Pro? The answer is to be this advertisement …

galaxy note 10 vs iphone 11 pro

… but I don't think it is.

Apple on September 10 presented its new iPhones. Surprise? There were some – including improved night mode. However, both in the case iPhone 11as well as iPhone 11 Pro there were no revolutionary changes. Continued PLN 3,599 is not enough for a device with a charger faster than 5 Wand statistical A Pole must work up to 31.8 days to earn on the iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB version. Relax, in Russia, Montenegro and Mexico they have worse … Many people began to wonder what to choose: Galaxy Note 10 or iPhone 11 Pro? Samsung has a ready answer.

As every year, after the launch of new Apple smartphones, the South Korean manufacturer launched an advertising campaign against an opponent from Cupertino. One of the latest spots broadcast as part of it argues that at least one feature of the Galaxy Note 10 is so important that it is worth it to focus on Samsung's solution. We are not convinced, but maybe you …

"Focus on What Matters with Live Focus Video on the Galaxy Note10" "Focus. focus) on what is important from the Live Focus video on the Galaxy Note10 ", praises the interesting video mode from Samsung. On the promotional material we see a woman setting the effect of depth of background (bokeh) live, during video recording. The man standing next to you, using the Apple solution, cannot do the same, of course, to his great disappointment. See for yourself.

We wonder how often Galaxy Note10 users will use the Live Focus Video mode – maybe they will play it once and twice and forget?

Samsung emphasizes the possibilities of recording video not by accident. IPhones are considered the best smartphones to record movies from today. Do you agree with this judgment?

Source: Samsung, inf. own