From today e-prescriptions apply in pharmacies in Poland

erecepta how it works on January 8

It will be more modern.

A very important day has come for all Polish patients. It is today, on January 8, that the obligation for doctors to issue prescriptions in electronic form, i.e. e-prescriptions, entered into force in Poland. From now on, the patients they will put on Online Patient Account and Trusted Profile will be able to receive access to prescriptions via SMS and e-mails.

You are probably wondering at this moment what about the elderly who do not have to use computers and smartphones efficiently? The legislator also thought about them. Pharmacists will be able to dispense medicines also on the basis of informational printouts, which will be printed from the system by doctors at the patients' request during the visit.

How does e-prescription work?

erecept how it works

E-prescription is a really convenient solution. If you could lose a paper prescription, you cannot lose an electronic prescription.

How long is the e-prescription valid for?

Modern electronic prescriptions they are valid even for 365 days (traditional ones were valid for a month). Only antibiotics should be purchased within 7 days, and prescription immunological drugs purchased within 120 days.

Doctors in paper form will still be able to issue some types of prescriptions. Exceptions apply to:

  • prescriptions under target import
  • prescriptions for people of unknown identity,
  • cross-border prescriptions (until the end of 2020),
  • prescriptions pro auctore and pro familiae (the decision on the choice of prescription form – paper or electronic – will be made by the issuer),
  • lack of access to the e-health system, which may be related to, among others with failure of the above system or cabinet system / HIS or lack of Internet access.

The implementation of new solutions will certainly not impede patients' access to medicines. The new regulations do not provide for penalties for doctors who will issue paper prescriptions after January 8. Despite this, doctors are encouraged to switch to new rules.

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