From now on, you can edit Google Docs directly in Dropbox


Dropbox is one of the more popular services offering space for files in the cloud. It works really well and offers a lot of interesting features. However, their list is constantly growing. Some time ago Dropbox and Google announced cooperation. As a result, last summer saw the integration of Gmail into the virtual disk, and already in the open beta service tests, integration has also appeared with the Documents.

Already, Dropbox Business customers can sign up for the open beta program and use native Google Docs support in Dropbox. This function works basically the same as the integration of Dropbox with Microsoft Office, which has been offered for several nice years.

From now after pressing Create new file, you’ll get the option to create a file in Google Docs, Sheets, or presentations. If we’re logged in to your Google account, choosing one of these options will open the familiar interface of the application from the Mountain View giant.

In addition, the application offers editing of files integrated with Office via Google tools. This will not affect the file format in any way, so people who prefer the Microsoft toolkit will still be able to use the same files without any problem. In addition, the sharing options have been integrated: clicking the Share button on Dropbox will allow you to create separate links with edit or read permissions.

The function is to be introduced for all users of the service by the end of this year.