Free torrent increased game sales by 400%. The curious case of Danger Gazers


Legal "piracy".

The topic of online piracy is as old as the internet is. Internet users are essentially divided into two groups: a group that supports illegal software copying and is strongly opposed to it. From a legal point of view, the situation is clear: piracy is a form of theft. People who download games from the web often say that copying is not stealing, and their activities often … drive sales to developers. There is a grain of truth in this, as the example of the game Danger Gazers shows.

How can piracy drive sales, you ask? It's easy. When the game is good and many people play it, the network makes a "noise" about it, encouraging more honest players to buy. This is confirmed by the developer of the game Danger Gazers, Shota Bobokhidze, who after a moderate success of his production on the Steam platform himself decided to put it on the well-known site with The Pirate Bay torrents, of course, for free.

"There is no catch here, only the features typical of Steam games are missing, it is a fully functional game.", wrote and wished surfers a lot of fun. In conversation with Polygon website Bobokhidze said shortly afterwards sales on Steam increased by 400% and still remains at a high, satisfactory level. The players liked the fact that the creator decided to make the title available for free, so that people with less wealthy wallets could play with him.

danger gazers for free

"The game is not entirely to my liking, but I'm happy to support the developer", says one review on Steam. It shows perfectly well that for several years the model of "voluntary subsidies" has been working well in exchange for creative work made available for free. Of course, it is difficult to require that every developer offer games for free, but those who do this are often rewarded by the community.

Shota Bobokhidze also says that sales growth is just one of the reasons for his satisfaction. Some game buyers send e-mails to him asking for a payment account number and offer voluntary transfers.

Just please do not make too far-reaching conclusions like "games should be free" or "piracy helps developers". An individual example is a bit too little.

Danger Gazers can be found for free on TPB at this address. Production in the Steam store you will find here – costs usd 35.99.