Free LibreOffice 6.4 has been released. Download because it's worth it

libreoffice 6.4 download

Free office package with a lot of improvements.

What free office package should you choose? Or maybe this one? LibreOffice 6.4 released just by The Document Foundation is now available in our file database. As befits the main update, the 6.4 edition brings quite a few changes from the previous version. Viewing and editing documents in popular Office .docx, .xlsx and .pptx formats have become even more enjoyable.

What's new in LibreOffice 6.4?

Changes in LibreOffice 6.4 are not limited to cosmetic patches related to bugs and compatibility, oh no. The list of changes is substantial, and among the most important are the five visible at first glance:

  • Application icons have been added to document thumbnails in the Start Center, making it easier to recognize different types of documents.
  • A QR code generator has been added to the package that makes it easy to add QR codes – which can be read by mobile devices – to documents.
  • The hyperlink context menu has been unified throughout the package and now provides the following menu items: Open hyperlink, Edit hyperlink, Copy hyperlink location, and Delete hyperlink.
  • The new automatic editing feature allows you to hide confidential data in a document based on text matches or regular expressions.
  • The help system returns faster and more accurate search results, and many help pages have localized screenshots for better user experience.

Of course, the patches did not bypass individual applications included in the popular and well-liked package. You will see what's new in both the Writer text editor and Calc, Impress and Draw spreadsheets.

  • The Table panel has been added to the sidebar. (Writer)
  • Comments can now be marked as resolved. In addition, you can now add comments to images and charts in text documents. (Writer)
  • Cutting, copying and pasting of tables has been improved thanks to the new menu option Paste Special "Paste as Nested Table". (Writer)
  • Spreadsheets can be exported to a single PDF page to get an overview of all content without spreading it across multiple pages. (Calc)
  • In the Shape menu, a new option called Consolidate text combines many selected text fields into one. This is useful if you are importing a PDF file and the text content is divided into many fields. (Impress & Draw)

Innovations also host the LibreOffice Online module

In Writer, you can now easily modify the table properties from the side toolbar, and the document content table can be fully modified by the user. In addition, in Calc, the Function Wizard now offers full features, and many new options have been added to the sheet's sidebar for selected charts.

You can download LibreOffice 6.4 from our file base in versions for all popular operating systems:

LibreOffice 6.4 (Windows) – download
LibreOffice 6.4 (Linux) – download
LibreOffice 6.4 (macOS) – download