Free internet from Orange on the occasion of Poles' victory. How to receive the package?

free orange package

Hurry with the pickup.

Polish players in yesterday's match defeated Israel smoothly. The success of the Polish team, as always, translates not only into benefits for the football team, but also for all Orange network customers. Once again, the orange operator is giving away free internet packages. You have until today the activation of the newest until 22:47.

You will receive a free Orange Internet packet with 2 GB of data by sending an SMS saying BRAWOPL to number 233. The fee for the message will be in accordance with the price list of your calling plan, but it certainly will not exceed the amount of 20 groszy. Remember that you can only activate one package on one issue.

The promotion is intended for both people using the pre-paid offer and the subscription. What is important: Funds from the free package will be charged before the plan's funds. You have 3 days from the activation date to use the free Orange package. The free transfer can be used only in Poland.

It's a shame that it only ended in two goals, huh?

Source: Orange