Founder of Telegram: WhatsApp is a Trojan horse and spyware application

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Serious accusations.

It is very rare for a representative of one company in the technology industry to directly attack another. Even more rare is the accusation of such serious accusations that the founder of a competitive application, Telegram, put forward at the popular WhatsApp messenger. Russian entrepreneur Pavel Walerjewicz Durow called the Facebook tool the Trojan horse.

"Regardless of the intentions of the WhatsApp parent company, the tip for app users is: you should uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone, unless you don't mind that all your photos and messages will one day be shared publicly", Durow said in the material he published, and how on Telegram.

Durow claims that WhatsApp not only does not properly protect the privacy of messages sent within the messenger, but is used as a Trojan horse. The application belonging to Facebook is supposed to send data to relevant US authorities and assist in the surveillance of citizens. These words are interesting because Americans accuse Russians of identical practices and often warn against applications created in this country.

The founder of Telegram also reminds the discovery a week ago, when it was proved that a properly crafted MP3 file can help access data for WhatsApp users on Android and iOS. Facebook and WhatsApp warned the community about the vulnerability, but they downplayed its significance.

Durow reports that WhatsApp does not store video files on its servers, but sends most multimedia and messages directly to Google and Apple servers. In addition, the entrepreneur believes that all vulnerabilities in WhatsApp are deliberately created by application developers.

Do you use WhatsApp or do you share Durov's opinion?

Source: RT