Forget about folding smartphones. LG wants a foldable case with a display

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The accessory appears on the patent.

LG plans to create its own smartphone with a foldable display. However, the company also has another ace up its sleeve that is linked to new technology. Quite recently, Koreans have filed a patent with WIPO and Hague International Design System, which indicates protective case for smartphone using an additional, flexible display. The patent was filed on June 26, 2019, and it was approved three days ago, on December 27. The whole is titled as "cell phone case".

The design itself is not so surprising, especially considering LG's past. The company introduced the Dual Screen casing to the V50 ThinQ model, and this year it refreshed it with the smartphone LG G8x ThinQ. The patented solution, however, does not have a cumbersome, visible hinge between the screens, so basically it is simply a display, which can be mounted on a foldable smartphone in the form of an add-on.


The Let’sGoDigital website, which has received information and graphics about the case described, provides that LG will want to present its new accessory around CES 2020that will take place in Las Vegas, USA. The graphics also show that the Korean company has designed a special connector that will probably allow you to connect a flexible display to the smartphone itself.

LG clearly focuses on a different approach to folding smartphones relative to the competition. Both Samsung, Huawei and Motorola are struggling to launch thoughtful designs that allow the main display to be assembled. LG shows that the release of a foldable device is not the main goal of the company – at least in the near future.


There is nothing else to do but wait until CES to see the possibilities of the new case from LG. The company probably during the premiere will inform you about the compatibility of the accessory itself.

Source: Let'sGoDigital