Forget about cams under the screen. The technology that was supposed to change smartphones is still imperfect


Xiaomi explains why.

In 2019, leading Chinese brands involved in the production of mobile devices presented technology that was supposed to revolutionize screens in smartphones. It turns out that the revolution will not come as soon as we expected.

The concept of the discussed solution solves one important problem. If producers manage to put smartphone front camera under the screen, you will not need to implement holes, notch or retractable modules. Of course, the users themselves will benefit, who will finally receive devices with a uniform screen without unnecessary oddities.

Xiaomi and OPPO already last year they presented "Under-Display" technology allowing you to hide the camera under the display.

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How does the new technology work?

When taking a selfie, the screen area above the front camera becomes transparent, allowing light to enter the sensor. A special area of โ€‹โ€‹the display has "high transmittance" so that the bright light incident on the display does not hinder the image recording.

So much theory. It turns out that in practice the technology is still not refined. The president of Xiaomi via the social networking site Weibo shared an interesting opinion, stating that the commercial implementation of such cameras is not yet possible. There are still major technological challenges to overcome.

Lu Weibing claims that the main limitation is too high pixel density of modern displays. High ratio screens PPI they simply have too "packed" pixels, which effectively blocks the delivery of the right amount of light to the camera. Finally, the quality of photos taken with the camera placed under the screen is not satisfactory and definitely differs from what classic selfie cams offer.

The declaration of the head of Xiaomi does not mean that finally we will not see this type of solution on smartphones of this brand. However, its commercial implementation may take much longer than originally expected.

Source: gsmarena