Fitbit and Garmin with a ban on sales? That's what he wants … Philips

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The lawsuit aimed at two well-known companies.

Oh, it's happening in the United States. Popular manufacturers of wearable devices found themselves under the magnifying glass of the US International Trade Commission (ITC). Garmin, Fitbit, as well as Ingram Micro, Inventec Appliances and Maintek Computer have been accused by Philips of violating many patents. Defendants are prohibited from selling equipment in the United States.

"The complaint concerns the violation of Article 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930. Systems and components for monitoring some wearables manufactured by the defendants are to infringe the patents filed by the applicant. The plaintiff requested the US International Trade Commission (USITC) to issue an order limited exclusion of selected devices from the market and an order to cease further patent infringement ", reports ITC.

Fitbit has already issued a statement regarding the claim. The accusations are called unfounded. Representatives of the giant in an interview with the Reuters agency say that the lawsuit on the part of Philips is "the result of the company's failure on the wearables market" and "the desire to be noticed". At the same time, it was announced that Fitbit would defend its interests in court.

Garmin has still not commented on the matter.

If you are wondering what connection with Philips patents devices from Fitbit, Garmin and other devices mentioned above may have, then it's probably about the sensors for measuring your heart rate. The Dutch company is one of the most popular manufacturers of medical equipment, so there are indications that the violations may be related to the technology of reading the pulse from the user's wrist.

Source: reuters