Finally! Google Calendar will integrate with Google Tasks


A step in the right direction.

Just a few days ago I started collecting applications that are to help me to better plan my tasks for a given day, week and month. The programs included both Google Calendarand Google Task List. I was surprised when I discovered that the apps in the mobile version are not integrated in any way. The Mountain View giant must have heard my regrets.

It turns out that Google is working on a kind of combination of the title services. This is at least the result of the discovery of the editors of the XDA-Developers portal, who managed to manually activate the new feature. Its operation is very easy. Just click the "+" icon in Google Calendar – the slide out menu will contain a new item, namely "Task".


The user will receive the option of adding the task name, date and selecting the list on which the goal is to be placed. At this time, the functionality is not available to the public, so it is difficult to determine when Google will decide to implement it. However, the screenshots available show that the new product does not contain major deficiencies, so it's difficult to talk about early development.

Personally, I'm very happy with Google's plans to integrate the title applications. The described function can significantly facilitate maneuvering between services and save some time.

Source: XDA-Developers