Finally cheap e-ink from E-Ink. Ebook readers are facing a revolution

colored ebook

The technology looks promising.

Electronic paper is an unusual type of display, which looks amazing imitates paper. The most popular variation of the invention from the '70s of the last century is currently E Ink produced since 1999 and used even in popular Amazon Kindle readers. We are pleased to inform you that after long years of waiting its more modern, colorful version will be available for sale.

Some probably remember that Fujitsu presented colorful e-paper back in 2011. At that time, the demand for this type of display was relatively small, and the price of technology implementation for widespread production – barrier. After many years, the technology has been improved by the company E Ink, which presented its variation of colored e-paper at the fair in Japan.

Mass production of e-book readers with colored E-Ink paper is expected to start in the third quarter of 2020. From the perspective of people reading books without pictures, the change is not of much importance. On the other hand, parents of children who read illustrated electronic cartoons, or people using e-book readers to browse newspapers and magazines will be happy.

If you enjoy reading books and have never used an e-paper device yet … you should catch up. You can fit thousands of books in one device, and its compact dimensions and working time of several weeks will be appreciated in many travels.