Fighting piracy help those looking for pirated content online – see for yourself

lumen search engine

It certainly shouldn't work like that …

Did you think that Thepiratebay is the best pirate content search engine on the web? Error. Everything indicates that it is a search engine in the Lumen database that enables reviewing … anti-piracy requests to remove illegal content from the webwhich are submitted under the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act).

What is going on?

The Lumen database contains applications submitted by entities whose copyrights have been infringed by other entities on the network. The data provided in complaints include both addresses of websites hosting illegal materials, but also exact links to these materials. Nothing prevents you from searching on this page for links to download the latest movies, games and software. Addresses are not censored and remain active.

The case was noted by, among others a Twitter user with the nickname Evilsocket who cites numerous references via his account, even to Windows 10 installation files.

Check it out for yourself – you will find the Lumen database at this address. When searching your search results, make sure you enable filing from the latest submissions. The oldest content comes from 2011 and is not active in the lion's share.

Of course, we don't encourage you to download pirate content. There are many VOD services that offer access to thousands of movies and TV series "for the buck" and good games are given away for free. However, under Polish law, you can download legally released copyrighted content for your own use, provided that you do not resubmit it. Fair use cannot harm the legitimate interests of the creator.

Source: twitter