Facebook with the Hobbi application. It looks like Pinterest

hobbi facebook

Will it be accepted?

Not so long ago, Facebook has set up a special team whose task is to create experimental applications. These services are to research the market on an ongoing basis and check what users are currently enjoying. So far, no program has yet won the hearts of consumers and this is unlikely to be the case either Hobbi.

This is what the new project of the NPE Team brand is called. How can we read from the description of the application in the App Store (only for now it is available): "Save photos of projects you are working on and activities that you love. Organize your photos and place them in special collections – this will allow you to observe the creative process in time. Share your favorite projects with friends and family".

Hobbi 1

It cannot be denied that Hobbi is a delusional Pinterest-like service, only now significantly stripped down. Personally, what bothers me the most is that Facebook is once again easy and doesn't even try to be original. Anyway – program evaluations in the App Store speak for themselves.

Users criticize Facebook for copying the concept of the application and do not understand the sense of creating such a project. It is worth emphasizing once again that we are talking about an experimental undertaking that – if not accepted by the community – will be quickly removed. It was similar with the service to memes called Whale – her fate was quickly sealed.

Source: The Next Web