Facebook will no longer allow group relationships

facebook group 1

Did not work.

Facebook coverage is not as popular as Instagram. This is evidenced by the latest platform statement regarding the future of this segment of the website. It turns out that soon there will be an option to publish Stories within the group.

In December last year, Facebook introduced the so-called group relations. Administrators and group members could create 24-hour visible content only for a specific community. It seems that this solution has not worked.

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Already On September 26 this year, the platform will no longer be able to publish group reports. Facebook argues its decision as follows:

"We say goodbye to group relationships because we think they don't connect communities in a satisfactory way. We will look for other ways to improve the overall user experience. "

Exact data regarding the number of people using group relations have not been provided. We only know that almost 1.5 billion Facebook users belong to some group. This change obviously has no impact on Stories published individually.

Source: CNET