Facebook reveals the data of people running company profiles. Error or function?

Facebook reveals the data of people running company profiles

Should it be that way?

One of our readers (thanks Dawid!) Shared with me a discovery related to Facebook, which – I will not hide – I find very disturbing. Well, it turns out that any Facebook user has insight into who administers individual fanpages and who posts them. On the one hand, this state of affairs can promote transparency of published information, but on the other hand it can pose a serious threat to fanpage administrators.

How do you check who publishes Facebook fanpages?

To find out who uploaded a given post to the fanpage, just click the icon with three dots "…" in the upper right corner of the publication you are interested in. There on the list just select "Show edit history"to see which private profile is responsible for placing the content.

facebook who posts tvp posts

Interestingly, this option sometimes works even if the post has not been edited again. This can be seen with the rest of the screenshot above, where Facebook counts adding the preview as "editing history". The method works on many posts, regardless of the topic of the fanpage. All you have to do is check several different publications to determine who publishes posts on the profile of the page.

Who manages the weekly NIE profile on Facebook? Check it out too

2020-01-10 152412

You can basically check any fanpage in this respect. Yes, ours too. Interestingly, there are also profiles on which the history of post editing is presented without disclosing the administrator's data.

Facebook has been adding members of his team on the fanpage for some time. However, this way to gain insight into who publishes content is not related to this feature.

I am not sure right now "Bug", or maybe "Functionality"but I don't think it should work that way. As an editor, there should be a fanpage, not a moderator, for example, who would not like to add to the band members and thus would like to remain private.

I know, the words "privacy" and "Facebook" do not go hand in hand, but … still, the situation is controversial. Don't you think so

We asked the Facebook Polish press office for comments on this matter and we are waiting for a response.

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