Facebook removes Jerzy Zięba's materials. Pseudo-doctor targeted by Internet users

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The chaffinch is enjoying it.

Known and appreciated especially in anti-vaccine circles and people who believe in the great conspiracy Big Pharmy pseudo-doctor Jerzy Zięba at the end of January became the object of a campaign of Internet users aimed at the fight against pseudoscience. Users of Wykop.pl organized an action to report his film on the treatment of coronavirus. The result was banning the Zięby channel on YouTube. Internet users decided to continue their crusade, the fruits of which can be seen now.

Jerzy Zięba's method of treating coronavirus.

This time Facebook was the engineer of the Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy Machinery of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków suggesting treatment of cancer with intravenous vitamin C. From the fanpage Hidden Therapies – Jerzy Zięba, another potentially harmful material disappears, which many Poles report for mere fraud. Internet users from Wykop.pl mark all pseudo-doctor's posts as contrary to the regulations of Marek Zuckerberg's website and it seems that the action great effect.

Jerzy Zięba is trying to make a good face for a bad game and for several days in his posts, he alternately insults and praises the users of the Polish website, which is the equivalent of the American Reddit. In a recent post, Jerzy Zięba claims that excavators are doing him an excellent advertisement, thus trying to discourage them from acting. In one sentence, he suggests he would be able to "legally block" action, but I don't want to do it because "would hurt himself". Would any court approve Ziębie in such a situation? After all, freedom of speech and acting to the detriment of others are two completely different things.

Jerzy Zieba

Since Jerzy Zięba is so happy from the activity of Internet users from Wykop.pl, many will probably decide to add their own brick and take care of removing it a backup account from YouTube and other posts (i accounts) on Facebook.

PS Previous post on Instalkach about Jerzy Zięba caused a considerable response from his followers – of course in their characteristic style. I hope that this time I will be directed in my direction invectives and accusations of cooperation with "Big Pharma". I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

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