Facebook: platform users have collected billions of zlotys thanks to the collection function

facebook charity 11

Huge numbers.

A lot of controversy has arisen around Facebook. Let us put their importance aside today and do something positive. Representatives of the platform shared the results of charity collections established by users in the period 2015-2019. You will be surprised how much you have collected.

It turns out that since 2015, consumers have collected over $ 2 billion, which in return gives about usd 7.8 billion. Half of this amount comes from collections organized by Internet users to celebrate their birthdays. Overall, over 45 million people made any donation to Facebook fundraiser.

Facebook is extremely proud of these results and it is hardly surprising. The funniest, however, is the reason behind it why the platform decided to implement the collection system at all. It turns out that the cause was popular in 2015 the challenge of pouring a bucket of ice water on you.

Some people probably do not realize that this challenge was created for a charitable purpose. Behind everything was a constant desire to help with ALS neurodegenerative disease that impedes movement, speech or breathing. Believe it or not, this seemingly mindless challenge has contributed to the growing interest in this terrible disease.

Facebook wants to release some more features that will help charities in some way. A novelty is already available in the United States and Great Britain to create collections through Story.

Source: CNET