Facebook Lite with a dark theme … faster than the main application

facebook lite dark theme 2

A strange situation.

The dark theme is slowly becoming a matter of course among mobile (and not only) applications. A growing number of developers are choosing to include a special switch in their service so that users' eyes can relax a bit. Facebook is delaying a similar update for far too long.

However, as it turns out – the waiting time may end soon. They began to notice the option of switching to a dark theme in the application … Facebook Lite. Everything indicates that we are dealing with a widespread implementation of new products, because more and more users are getting access to it every day.

facebook lite dark theme 1

The question remains – what about the main Facebook application? Random consumers have been noticing the switch for at least several months, but it usually disappears as soon as it appears. The implementation of the dark theme in the Lite version may, however, suggest that still a moment separates everyone from the introduction of the update on Facebook weighing several times more.

If you're using Facebook Lite and you don't see the option to activate the dark theme, then take it easy. It should appear with you within the next few days.

Source: Android Police