Facebook has released a new data management tool


Facebook presented off-Facebook Activity, thanks to which we will be able to better control our data. We will check what information applications and services we send we use every day. Within a few months, the function will go to all users of the portal.

Off-Facebook Activity will be another way to find out what data applications and websites collect about us. We will check which of them share information about us with Mark Zuckerberg’s website. We will be able to delete the data collected by Facebook, as well as block their future sending. Thanks to this, the portal will not collect information about which pages we visited and what we did on them. This blocking will result in less personalized ads. The function can be found in the settings menu in the application or on the website. Facebook users in Ireland, South Korea and Spain are already testing it. The company has announced that in the coming months off-Facebook Activity will also appear in other countries. In Poland, the service will most likely operate under the name “Activities outside Facebook”.

Activities outside of Facebook appeared late

The off-Facebook Activity function was announced in May last year. It happened shortly after it turned out that the access to data of millions of Facebook users was obtained by Cambridge Analytica. Mark Zuckerberg in his statement presented the tool “Clear history”, which was supposed to be a slightly simpler version of Activities outside Facebook and allowed only to delete all data, without managing individual applications. Facebook has repeatedly shifted the dates of introduction of the function claiming that it is more difficult than it seemed at the beginning.

Activity outside Facebook is another step of the website towards transparency. On his blog, Facebook reminds that the first was about sharing information, why we see sponsored material or a proposed post. Then there were reports on advertising on the portal. Facebook also introduces activities related to data security on its other portals. An example is Instagram, which will pay researchers if they find evidence that external applications are trying to capture important data from website users.

Every day, Facebook collects data from companies using portal business tools. Among them are Pixel and Facebook Login. Pixel helps companies create marketing campaigns. Login, on the other hand, allows users to use an existing Facebook account on other websites. Thanks to these services, we find content on Facebook tailored to our interests. They also make it easier for Mark Zuckerberg to identify suspicious activity.

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