Facebook doesn't want Android on its equipment. The company will create its own software

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Is the revolution coming?

Facebook is probably associated with many people only with social networks. However, it is worth taking a look at the other side of the American giant's activity, where the hardware department is developing dynamically. The company owns the Oculus brand that produces VR goggles and has been creating intelligent Portal displays for some time.

Everything would be great if not for the fact that … Facebook must in the case of the above mentioned devices ask for help from its "rivals". Why? The hardware is based on a certain operating system, and it so happens that Mark Zuckerberg does not have his own. So often the basis for Oculus goggles is Android. Soon, however, he can turn 180 degrees.

Facebook wants to be independent in its activities and create itself an operating system that would meet the needs of both the company's employees and consumers. As one of the company's representatives stated – "we don't trust competitors and the market, that's why we want to do something that we can fully trust."

also the company plans to devote much more resources to the development of the hardware segment from next year. A special office was even established for people from the responsible department, including for goggles and displays that can accommodate 4,000 employees. All this despite not very high interest in Facebook devices.

Mark Zuckerberg strongly believes that virtual reality is the key to the future. Currently, this type of device still arouses interest among a certain niche, but who knows – maybe in a few years we will live in a world straight from Player One.

We will wait for more details about the operating system from Facebook. It cannot be denied that proprietary software would give the company much greater freedom and control on the development of current and future equipment.

Source: TechCrunch