Eventually! We pay with Google Pay without a PIN

Google Pay payments without a pin

More convenient and safer.

The need to enter your PIN during contactless payments for an amount over usd 50 is sometimes extremely annoying, but necessary from the point of view of legal and security regulations. Until now, PINs had to be entered not only during card payments, but also when using Google Pay. This will change soon.

Already in 2020, Google Pay payment users in Poland will be able to forget about confirming transactions with a 4-digit password. Users of smartphones with fingerprint readers will be able to authorize all their payments with them. This is confirmed by the Google press office in Poland. The exact date of implementation of the change is not yet change.

Thanks to the new method, not only the transaction time will be shortened, which will translate into comfort of using the service. Security will also increase. Why? It is very simple – when we tap the PIN on the terminal, it can be viewed by any person or a properly located camera that is in the store. The fingerprint reader is a secure authorization method that is relatively difficult to cheat.

You will use a fingerprint reader, or do you still consider PIN as a more reliable form of verification of the payer's identity?

Source: Cashless.pl