Even Apple knows that iPhones and MacBooks are not worth the price

Apple prices

Big discounts.

Some believe that Apple products are worth the price. Others say that consumers pay mainly for the logo in them, and the quality of the devices is the same or lower than what other leading manufacturers offer. Regardless of who thinks, it can be objectively stated that iPhones and MacBooks are expensive electronics and hold their price well. Despite this, Apple decided to reduce the value of all its devices … in the exchange program.

People who decide to buy a new Apple device can take advantage of exchange program. The price of the new gadget is then reduced by the value of the returned laptop, smartwatch or smartphone of that company estimated by Apple employees. The Cupertino giant determines the maximum value of each device, which of course depends on the state of the returned device. Now Apple decided to significantly reduce the value iPhones, MacBooks and Apple Watches in the program, which many people didn't like.

Until now, you could get up to $ 600 for the iPhone XS Max. Now Apple will pay a maximum of $ 500 for this phone in perfect condition. iPhone XS? The value fell from 500 to 420 dollars. According to Apple, another popular iPhone X smartphone is worth a maximum of $ 320, instead of the existing $ 400. The company will pay a maximum of $ 80 for the iPhone 6S, even though it recently paid $ 100.

apple prices

Do you think these are big cuts? In Europe they are bigger!

Apple had previously paid up to 1,200 euros for the MacBook Pro in Germany. He will now pay a maximum of … 690 euros for him. The MacBook Air has been worth 450 euros so far, and after the changes Apple will pay a maximum of 320 euros for it. The price of the iPhone X fell from 500 to 430 euros. A significant reduction, but smaller than in the case of laptops.

All of the above makes Apple's exchange program extremely unattractive against the background of resale of equipment on its own – for these you can still get relatively large money. Of course, people who do not have time or do not count with money (are they?) Will probably still use the offer of their favorite producer, regardless of the changes. Will the reduced valuation affect the value of equipment sold on the secondary market, which in turn will contribute to lowering the premiere price of Apple devices? It would be good, but … probably not.