Even 4 zlotys for the survey. The new Google program is already in Poland

bonuses for google surveys download height

Earn with Google.

In November last year, he aroused considerable interest from Internet users Facebook Viewpoints. A special application of the same name "pays" users the point equivalent of $ 5, or about usd 20 in exchange for completing surveys. Now a similar solution has been made available to Poles by Google. It's simply called "Google Survey Bonuses" and you can download it now through our file database.

Google pays for surveys relatively well, because even about usd 4 for each questionnaire. The more surveys you receive, the more Google knows about you. If you share the history of your location with a giant, you can count on the highest income – I see nothing wrong with it, but I know that many people avoid it like fire. The availability of questionnaires also depends on the languages ​​you speak, your age or gender.

bonuses for google surveys download

Cash obtained in return for completing surveys can be allocated to various applications and movies in the Google Play store. Unfortunately, funds accumulated in exchange for Google surveys you won't transfer to your account and you won't pay them in cash. The American company earns twice as much because it earns profits not only from the sale of data, but also charges as much as 30% commission on all purchases in the store. Some of the money you spend will recover anyway.

If you are afraid of sharing Google data, then you probably should not. The Mountain View company promises not to use "against" internet users. On their basis, no advertising or new services will be offered. Answers given in surveys are provided only in aggregate form to third parties.