Epic Games is 40% Chinese, but players will not take away their free speech

epic games freedom of speech

Tim Sweeney's strong words.

The echoes don't stop Blizzard's controversial and politically marked decisionthat divided the players' environment. We remind you that the company has decided to ban a professional e-athlete for his short statement regarding Hong Kong. At the same time, CEO of Epic Games, a company with as much as 40 percent of Chinese Tencent, guarantees the community freedom of speech.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney announced via Twitter that his company would never make a similar move – as long as he has a majority stake. Thus he made it clear that Fortnite has freedom of expression and anyone can express in this and other games created by Epic their views on topics related to politics and human rights, without fear of similar repression.

Companies such as Apple are afraid of losing shares in the Chinese and 1.4 billion people market they obediently follow the demands of the Chinese Communist Party. Apparently, Blizzard also didn't want to lose players on the Chinese market. At Activision Blizzard, Chinese Tencent shares currently reach 5%. Many US Congressional senators have already criticized the attitude of American companies.

Source: Twitter