Epic Games accused of deliberately creating an addictive game


Epic Games manipulation or greedy parents.

We live in a world full of absurdities and a day spent on the Internet is enough to know the scale of this problem. Lawyers, among others in the United States, are leading the way in multiplying strange situations. This time, the Canadian bar was loud – the reason is a class action being prepared against Epic Games. What is the company accusing of?

"Epic Games has been working for years with Fortnite hired psychologists. The company did everything to thoroughly examine the human mind and make its game as addictive as possible ", says Alessandra Esposito Chartrand, a lawyer at Calex Légal. "The company has deliberately placed on the market a very, very addictive game, which is especially targeted at young people.", he adds.

The case against Epic Games for the creation of an "addictive" Fortnite brings to mind the 2015 class action lawsuit against tobacco concerns. At that time, the Canadian orchard recognized that companies were not doing enough to warn smokers of the dangers of smoking titles. Lawyers probably want to refer to this precedent when suing Epic Games.

The case is instituted at the request of the parents of two children aged 10 and 15 years. Interestingly, it is quite well-established – after all, addiction to computer games has remained entered by the World Health Organization on the list of diseases.

"Parents came to us and said that if they knew that the game was so addictive that it could ruin the lives of children, they would never let their children play it or pay more attention to the time they spend in front of the computer", says Chartrand.

It is hard to resist the belief that parents primarily want to earn a good living on their children, although the topic of hiring psychologists at the stage of creating a game is an intriguing thread. Of course, Fortnite is not the first or the last game that is able to addict children. Perhaps the parents are guilty, who are unaware that games have addicted young people for many years?

Epic Games has not commented on the matter.

Do you think the claim is justified?

Source: CBC