Elon Musk smashed the "indestructible" glass in Tesla Cybertruck at its premiere [Wideo]

Tesla cybertruck premiere fail

Oh, Elon …

Tesla presented its latest car. Tesla Cybertruck this is the first pickup in the manufacturer's offer and a vehicle that is shocking with its unusual style. If you've watched the movies Mad Max and Blade Runner, then Cybertruck seems to be a combination of vehicles found in both of these productions. At the show, not everything went according to Elon Musk … or was it exactly how he planned?

Cybertruck resembles a more light armored personnel carrier, according to the rest with Tesla's previous assurances. Elon Musk promised that the rolled stainless steel sheet would be bulletproof and he had allegedly kept his word. During the presentation, one of the employees of the company belonging to the controversial billionaire hit the body of the hammer repeatedly and … nothing happened. Slightly worse went with the presentation of "indestructible" glass.

Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk ordered his employee to squeeze a metal ball into one of Cybertruck's windows. The effect can be seen in the video below.

You probably guessed that the kinetic energy of the item used in the show is much smaller than the energy of any bullet fired from it. Elon Musk nevertheless reacted quite nonchalantly saying that the windows will be further refined until the vehicle is on sale.

The full video of the premiere of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup can be seen below.

Source: Tesla