Electrician subsidies? Rather, you can forget about them

surcharges for electricians

It was supposed to be so beautiful…

Bad news related to electric cars on Polish roads continued. We first learned that In Poland, by 2025, there will be no million electric cars at all, because a total of 600,000 with hybrids are forecasted until 2030, and now it turns out that this plan will be unrealistic to implement. The Polish Institute of Economics expressed a negative opinion on the project surcharges for electricians.

Analysts of the Polish Economic Institute believe that the Polish electric car market is poorly developed and the vehicles themselves are too expensive to subsidize their purchase. The report published on the occasion of the Impact Mobility congress in Katowice states unequivocally that poor charging infrastructure and vehicle prices make them an offer for a very narrow audience – only the richest people.

"At this stage of the market development, support for the purchase of electric cars by private individuals does not seem advisable and should be limited due to other investments and public sector concessions in the area of ​​electromobility", we read in the PIE report.

Investing in public transport is indicated as an alternative to subsidies for electricians. Such placement of funds is to improve air quality in cities by eliminating buses powered by non-ecological engines from the streets, says Łukasz Czernicki from PIE in an interview with Puls Biznesu.

As you can see, individuals for any additional payments are unlikely to count, at least for now.

Source: PIE, PB.pl