Electric cars are not the future – says Honda

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The head of the brand has his own opinion.

Takahiro Hachigo, Honda's CEO, is working on a new course that the Japanese car maker will follow. In the future, Hachigo plans to simplify the product line, review the production process, and align engineering resources. In an interview with Automotive News, the CEO of Honda shared a bold assumption. According to Hachigo, electric cars will not be the future of the automotive industry. Hachigo also doesn't think that in the coming years the demand for electric vehicles will increase enough to talk about a revolution.

So what is the future of the automotive industry according to the head of Honda?

Hachigo believes that hybrid vehicles will play a very important role in the market. By 2030, according to the head of Honda, over two-thirds of global car sales is to come from electrified vehicles. The CEO of the Japanese company also believes that hybrids are the best way to comply with environmental laws around the world. In one, Hachigo is right: he accurately scores the lack of sufficient infrastructure in Europe to operate fully electric vehicles. Its creation, however, is only a matter of time.


Honda, however, draws attention to what is happening in Europe. The Old Continent is a market where electric cars sell for better and consumers are open to change. Japanese producer in 2020 introduces the Honda E to Europe offering a range of approximately 200 kilometers on a single charge. More vehicles are waiting in queue, which will appear in showrooms with time.

At CES in Las Vegas, which will take place in early January 2020, Honda will present its vision of the future and the car it will have advanced autonomous driving system and will not be equipped with … pedals. The head of Honda's claims are quite bold.

Only will they coincide with reality?

Source: Electrek