EA met with players to learn how to reduce game toxicity

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 08:08, Written by Piotr Malinowski


What came out of the talks?

Players are an element without which video games would not make any sense. No people willing to play in a given production = no money for the developer. That is why contact of various companies with their clients and asking them questions in style are so important "What can we do better?". Electronic Arts came up with a similar idea.

At the last edition of Gamescom, EA took the opportunity and organized a meeting of "The Gamescom Player Council". A group of players along with several employees of the company sat at the table and debated on how to improve the experience of online games. The focus was mainly on the problem of toxicity.

EA has stated that it will focus on improving the tools for reporting violence and harassment and will carry out more research on the psyche of toxic users. Players, in turn, proposed the introduction of two-factor authentication for EA accounts.

This innovation can both improve overall security and discourage blocked users from creating new accounts. Furthermore, the community suggested that the publisher use an artificial intelligence system to improve the quality of chat conversations.

Electronic Arts confirmed that it plans to organize a few more meetings this year with the "Player Board".

Source: EA