Dropbox adds useful extensions to Gmail, WhatsApp and more

11/01/2019 093342

Easier work with files.

Work with files in Dropbox it is really convenient, but when we want to provide data to another service or application, it is most convenient to use the appropriate connection. And here the extensions introduced last year come in handy.

Dropbox has just announcedthat the service has gained 12 new extensions. Thanks to them, sending a file as an email attachment is no longer a problem. You do not need to download the file to your computer and attach it to your message – everything is done automatically. Just choose from the menu Open appropriate application (e.g. Gmail) and connect services.

Users can add files to the message in Gmailand send data to Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Outlook. WhatsApp'a and Line Works. New integrations also include Vimeo, Clipchamp, WeVideo, Canva, FreshBooks and DocSend.

1/11/2019 093253

Dropbox plans to introduce further extensions next year, as well as support for new language versions.