Dreamlike beginning of the 1920s. Today in the sky the Wolf Moon and eclipse


Be sure to see them.

The full moon is not unique. Finally, we can admire her once a month. Nevertheless, the fullness that will occur today, on January 10, will be much more spectacular. It will be accompanied by the so-called partial penis eclipse. What is this?

Of course, the lunar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the Earth appears between the Sun and the full Moon and when the Moon "enters" the Earth's shadow cone. So-called totality occurs when the Moon is completely in the region of the Earth's total shadow cone, i.e. space located on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, from which the Sun is completely invisible. ABOUT partial shade eclipse we say, however, when the Moon is completely outside the total shadow cone, but moves through the Earth's half-shade cone, i.e. space located on the opposite side of the Earth to the Sun, but from which part of the Sun is visible. Partial eclipse it lasts, however, when at least a fragment of the Moon is outside the Earth's shadow total cone and at the same time in the mid-cone area. A penumbular eclipse is usually accompanied by a partial eclipse and is therefore referred to as a penumbular partial eclipse.

It is worth mentioning that today the partial-shade eclipse will see the so-called Wolf Moon. This is how it is commonly called the January full moon. The source of this term are Native Americans and Europeans who long ago referred to the Earth's satellite in this way because of wolves. Complaining about the lack of food in the winter, these animals approached human settlements at the beginning of the year to look for it. Then their howl was best heard.

Who will be able to admire this year's eclipse? In principle, everyone, unless the weather conditions prevent him from doing so, because you will not need any professional equipment to observe the phenomena. In Poland, the phenomenon is to be perfectly visible. Part of the country is cloudy, but maybe full moon and eclipse can be seen in strong winds.

A partial shade partial eclipse of the moon will begin in the night sky at 17:06. The maximum eclipse falls on 19:10. The end of the partial eclipse will occur at 23:00, and the penumbular eclipse 20 minutes after midnight.