Download the Opera 64 browser and don't be tracked online

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You must try it out!

We live in times of unprecedented prosperity when it comes to choosing web browsers. The fact that already over 70% of all internet users use Google Chrome does not mean that there are no alternatives for it that are more refined, safer or simply more pleasant to use solutions. One of them is Opera, which has been next updated.

Opera 64 it's a treat for those who value privacy. Suffice it to say that the tool offers users Free, unlimited VPN, built-in ad blockerand from now on prevents tracking of network activity. Yes, Opera 64 effectively blocks trackers – it retrieves information about them from the EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List. Just enable the appropriate option and the tool will block all known tracking scripts.

opera 64 trackers

According to the developers of the browser, the new Opera 64 brings up to 76% faster page loading time than its previous version. Only the tracker blocking module is able to improve this result by approx. 20%.

Another interesting news in Opera 64 is the improved tool for taking screenshots. You'll see a shortcut to it to the right of the address bar. With it, you can save the screen directly from the browser, without having to search for the file on your computer later. Among the new functions of the practical tool, it's worth mentioning the ability to save to PDF, the option of blurring photo elements and adding text on images in three different fonts, including Impact known from memes!

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Opera 64 works so well that you just can't try it out, seriously.

Opera 64 browser is available in versions for all the most popular operating systems. All application variants can be downloaded from our file database.

Source: Opera