DOOM launched on a 1998 camera [wideo]

doom on camera


It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an electronic device on which DOOM has not yet been launched. Classics from 1993 have already been successfully played at the checkout with McDonald'son keyboard. MacBook Pro touchpad, and even on a chainsaw. The time has come for another original platform. He is her … Kodak DC260 camera, which went on sale 21 years ago, in 1998.

doom kodak dc260

Kodak DC260 is a camera equipped with a 2-inch, of course, non-touch LCD screen. The computing power of the processor inside it was enough for a talented Internet user to force him to start the DOOM game. Defect? There is no sound in the game. Benefits? Everything else. The game can go from beginning to end and given the multitude of physical buttons on the camera, this is quite a pleasant task.

The most unusual here is the fact that DOOM can be run by any of you on the camera – as long as you have compatible equipment. On the official project website located at this address check the supported camera models. Are you picking out some retro classic for a penny on one of the websites?