Donald Trump wants Apple to hack iPhones for the good of the US

On the subject of Apple, many people have a whole avalanche of negatives to say, but even the most ardent opponents of the Cupertino company cannot deny its representatives the broadly understood consequences of their actions. In this case, I mean the consistency of not unlocking my consumers' smartphones at the request of US special services. Donald Trump appealed for a change in this approach and he did it in a characteristic way.

The President of the United States admittedly disarmingly the country helps Apple as much as possible in trade matters "and very many other matters". Nevertheless, the iPhone and MacBook manufacturer still refuses to unlock devices used by "killers, drug dealers and other criminals". Donald Trump believes that Apple should take a step in the right direction and help "wonderful country immediately". The statement ends with an electoral slogan "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" (in free translation: "Make America Great again").

As you can see, the tweet was sent in a patriotic spirit, of course from the iPhone, which the US president regularly uses.

Of course, Internet users reacted swiftly saying that Apple should under no circumstances allow the government to create back-doors that allow access to private data.

Lately Apple Prosecutor General complained about the attitude of Apple, William Barr. In an interview with the New York Times, he said that Apple does not provide any valuable information to investigators – especially in the Pensacola case – and does not help to solve any cases where the accused are iPhone users. Apple has already issued a statement in which it writes about close cooperation with the FBI and rejects slander.

"We reject claims that Apple did not provide substantive assistance in the investigation of Pensacola. Our responses to numerous law enforcement requests since the attack were quick, comprehensive, and cooperation in this regard is still ongoing. We responded to each inquiry promptly, often within a few hours, sharing information from the FBI offices in Jacksonville, Pensacola and New York. We gave the investigators a lot of gigabytes of data. In each case, we responded with all the information we had. "we read.

At the same time, the Cupertin giant continues to consistently reject all requests to unlock devices. There is little indication that this situation should change, and Apple should bend under pressure from the president.