Does Dark Mode actually save battery on iPhones? A test with clear answer was carried out

2019-10-23 110953

Dark color mode in practice.

New Android apps are constantly appearing on both Android smartphones and iPhones dark interface mode. It can even be said that this is the main trend in application design in 2019. However, does current fashion have a real impact on battery consumption in smartphones? This was checked by an example iPhone XS Max with iOS 13. Apple and the iOS 13 update provided users with a dark color theme. For obvious reasons, it works mainly on devices with screens OLED. Panels made in this technology simply do not illuminate the pixels that are supposed to present black, which should result in lower energy consumption. On the channel PhoneBuff there was an interesting and insightful test showing the real benefits of the application Dark Mode. The results are not surprising, and you can see the details below.

The experiment was ongoing nearly 8 hours. On a device where the standard color theme was active, the battery has discharged after 7 hours and 33 minutes. The iPhone XS Max from Dark Mode had then 30% more battery. As you can see, the difference is almost colossal, so if you use one of the iPhones with an OLED screen every day it is worth switching to a dark color theme.

Source: PhoneBuff