Do you want to use the Internet? You must scan the face. This is what life is like in China

china internet face scan

Permanent surveillance.

Last year, the Chinese government introduced citizen control and evaluation system straight from the Black Mirror series. In March, it turned out that based on the negative assessment of citizenship in 2018 alone The sale of travel tickets was refused to 23 million Chinese citizens. When the Chinese brag at the end of September 500-megapixel camera for surveillance of citizens, I thought it was their last word for this year. I was wrong.

Chinese citizens wanting to connect their smartphones or computers to the Internet from November 1 this year they will have to scan their face for the needs of the citizen evaluation system there. The authorities in the Middle Kingdom believe that such a step will significantly improve security in a country with a population of 1.4 billion. By 2020, the Chinese will observe 626 million CCTV camerasthat will be able to recognize their faces even in thousands of people. The desire to create a base for the largest number of dormitories is understandable.

Groups defending freedom of speech announce that the actions of the Chinese government are another step towards absolute control over the actions of Chinese citizens. There is a serious risk that opinions expressed on the web will be even more closely monitored and if they are not followed by the government, the citizen will be penalized by negative points in the citizen evaluation system.

We remind you that in China there is a citizen evaluation system that adds or subtracts points for various activities in the sphere of social life. Based on this result, the citizen's rights to take specific actions – borrowing, free travel or the possibility of concluding certain concessions are determined.

Source: Daily Mail