Do you want to grow vegetables effectively at home? LG has designed a special device

Consumer electronics manufacturers continue to amaze. LG has just announced that during the upcoming CES 2020 trade fair it will present its first device designed for a growing number of enthusiasts of growing edible plants at home.

The device has a vertical design and is intended for building in. It uses advanced solutions to control lighting, temperature and humidity. By using convenient, complete packages with seeds and growth monitoring application, users of this device can easily grow edible plants at home that are tasty and nutrient-rich.

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Thanks to the casing with thermal insulation and universal modules enabling precise regulation of temperature and light intensity, optimal conditions for plant growth are maintained inside the device. LED lamps, forced air circulation and subsoil irrigation help ensure rapid germination and plant growth. The advanced system for growing plants can contain up to 24 complete packages with seeds, which allows a family of four to enjoy healthy dishes from home-grown plants.

The manufacturer will emphasize that the device even allows complete beginners to enjoy the full gardening success. Due to the possibility of growing appetizing, fresh herbs and vegetables throughout the year, the device is ideal for city dwellers and everyone who wants to lead a healthier, pro-ecological lifestyle.

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The key element of the automated plant breeding system is the irrigation method developed by LG, which does not require water circulation, allowing even and precise dosing of water needed in individual packages with plants. Such key technology prevents the development of algae and inhibits the formation of unpleasant odors, thanks to which clean and hygienic conditions for the growth of safe, natural leafy herbs and vegetables are obtained. An application has also been developed for the device that helps control plant growth and provides access to practical tips for each stage of breeding, and thus allows you to get a good harvest every time. Complete packages, including seeds, peat and fertilizer, allow you to start growing immediately. The first pack will contain 20 different plant varieties, including romaine lettuce, other lettuce, chicory and basil.

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The first LG device for growing plants at home will be presented at CES 2020 on January 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hal, stand No. 11100.