Do you use Yanosik? You had no idea about these functions

Many drivers use the Yanosik application primarily because of its main advantage: providing information on the current traffic situation – traffic jams, speed cameras and police patrols. Few people are aware that the Yanosik application is a whole range of other interesting features that may prove useful during both short and slightly longer journeys. Here are some interesting functions of Yanosik that you may not have had the existence of.

1. Via points

Application users can count on a unique function that is hard to find in the mobile market. In addition to the traditional waypoint, Yanosik includes so-called a via intermediate point. This means that the navigation will route you through a given point using the fastest possible route. In practice, the driver traversing the Poznań – Krakow route with a via point in Wrocław will be led by the Wrocław bypass, and not through the city center, which will save him time.

2. HUD mode

HUD mode is another little-known function of the application. It has been designed with the driver's safety in mind so that he can more conveniently use the Yanosik application without taking his eyes off the road. In order for the instructions and notifications from the Yanosik system to appear on the car windscreen, enter the application menu, select the "activate HUD mode" option and place the phone on the dashboard – screen up.

3. Voice assistant

You can enable voice assistant in the application settings. This function allows you to add and confirm notifications of the current traffic situation. After saying the command "Yanosik" and then for example "control" a warning will be added to the Yanosik system. In the same way, you can cancel and confirm existing applications.

4. Restaurants and workshops

The Yanosik application will also show workshops and restaurants on the map in the nearest location and will guide interested parties to a specific place. When mapping the route, the "restaurants" and "workshops" tabs are displayed. In the case of car repair facilities, the best rated in the area are presented at the beginning of the list. Drivers can also evaluate work and add comments about mechanics or restaurateurs.

5. Comparison of OC prices

For several months in the Yanosik application you can check civil liability offers from various insurers. Comparison of motor insurance prices can be found in the OC / AC tab. This information will appear after scanning the registration certificate. Drivers under YU! Insurance for safe driving can also receive discounts on liability. This is a unique insurance offer based on the user's driving style. Selected insurance can also be purchased from the application in just a few minutes.

6. Long press and map changes

If on the route the driver notices any changes, e.g. in speed limits, numbering of buildings, new entry bans or turn orders, he can report this information through the so-called long press. This means that when you hold your finger on a given point on the map, the "change on map" option will appear. In the note, just write what needs to be improved.

7. Checking car history

The "Car history" option appears in the "Auto" tab for users who have scanned the car registration card. This is where you will find information such as: first registration abroad, first registration in the country, periodic tests or the last recorded meter reading. The "significant damage" option may also appear soon.

8. Fuel prices at stations and "route"

Checking and updating fuel prices at gas stations is another valuable function for drivers. Prices are displayed after clicking on the station icon or on the so-called "Route" that appears in navigation mode in the form of a black, round mark in the upper right corner of the screen. After clicking, the list of objects passed along the way develops, i.e. restaurants with their rating or gas stations with prices.

9. Video recorder

The option to record in disputed traffic situations is also possible. The video recorder is located in the upper part of the screen in both reporting and navigation mode. This function allows you to register a situation that may affect road safety.

10. Vitay points for charity

Through their activity, application users can collect additional VITAY points that can be used at ORLEN stations. Each month, 4 million points are distributed, half of which goes to drivers' accounts, and half is converted into usd and transferred to charity goals indicated by users.

Which of the following functions of Yanosik did you know before, and which did you learn only while reading this post? Or maybe you have not yet used this application liked by Polish drivers and just wanted to use it? You can download Yanosika on Android via our application database, at this address. Yanosik for iOS is available in App Store.