Do you use WhatsAppa? From today, WhatsApp does not work on many devices


An important message.

In December Facebook has shared sad news for those who are still using older Android and iOS devices. He announced that on February 1, 2020, one of his applications – WhatsApp – will stop working on these devices. February 1 has finally arrived, so the changes have already entered into force.

What devices are affected by this information? From today WhatsApp can only be installed on smartphones with Android version 4.0.3 or later. As for Apple hardware, the minimum software version is now iOS 8. This means that WhatsApp will cease to be updated and supported on millions of smartphones. Yes, there are still devices on the market that operate under systems that are more than 8 years old (Android 4.0.3 debuted in December 2011).

"It was difficult to make this decision, but it was the right decision. Thanks to it, we will provide users with services thanks to which they will be able to better contact their loved ones. ", said a spokesman for the company.

Users who still want to use WhatsApp on older devices must update the software installed on it (if possible). Otherwise, you will need to replace the equipment with a newer one. One or the other should also be done for security reasons.

iphone 4s

If WhatsApp is installed on a smartphone with a software version that is not supported from today, it may still be able to run. However, as Facebook warns, many of its elements may not function properly.

It is worth recalling that from December 31, 2019 WhatsApp also does not support all Windows Phone operating systems, regardless of their version.

Saying goodbye to WhatsApp with older versions of Android and iOS may be unpleasant news for some, but you have to admit that this is the right move. Now taking care of application security will be a much easier task for WhatsAppa developers. It's important – after all, half a billion users use it.

Source: BBC. WhatsApp