Do you shop in foreign stores? You can save a lot with the Twisto card

Twisto activation

We are checking a new fintech on the Polish market.

In recent years, the importance of online trading has grown to unimaginable proportions. Each time with type actions Singles Day or Black Friday we hear about subsequent sales records that are counted in billions of dollars.

We buy online for two main reasons, it is convenient and cheap. To purchase a chosen product, we no longer have to waste time shopping, just a few clicks and it's ready. The package the next day will be at our door. Unless you are buying abroad, then you need to have a little more patience, but this is usually compensated by an even lower price.

Speaking of online shopping, it is impossible to ignore the breaking popularity records of Chinese sales platforms. The lead is here AliExpressHowever, other players like GearBest or Banggood also make themselves known.

By buying in the above-mentioned places, we order goods directly from sellers from China, bypassing intermediaries, which has a positive effect on the final price. Here comes another way to save – currency card.

Yes, foreign stores offer payments in zlotys, however, more skilled buyers will notice that the exchange rate of dollars or Euro to usd is not always favorable. Sometimes the difference is a few pennies, but with larger purchases you can accumulate quite a significant amount.

Twisto card

Twisto – a card you will save with

I have written many times about the application card. Czech fintech entered Poland with a flourish, and the interest in the service is really high.

Twisto's operation is simple. We register the account, apply for the card limit and wait for the decision to grant it. When we receive a physical card, simply download the application, log in and use the card wherever payments are accepted MasterCard.

Importantly, Twisto is a multi-currency card so paying for purchases in foreign stores we can count on a favorable exchange rate that you can check on a special page.

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In practice, we get exchange rates similar to those on the National Bank of Poland.

How to pay Twisto to save?

First of all, pay in store currency. For example, on AliExpress you should change the currency to dollars, on German Amazon it is optimal to pay in euros. Then the Twisto card will be charged in the currency, which will be converted into usd according to the current MasterCard rate.

Twisto cards do not need to be topped up with currencies, no matter what currency you pay, whether online or when traveling abroad, the rate is automatically converted.

Savings are real. For example, I plan to buy a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner that is offered at AliExpress for the price $ 299.99by selecting the exchange rate on the store's website for the goods I will pay usd 1178.28. Meanwhile, choosing dollars and paying Twisto I will pay usd 1160.96.

Twisto course

Currency converter Twisto vs AliExpress

Of course, currency payments are not the only Twisto advantage. By choosing a free application card we will receive a limit, so we don't have to use our own funds to make purchases. The card operator requires that you repay the funds only after the end of the month, this can be done within 15 days.

how Twisto works

usd 100 start bonus

Twisto has launched a Christmas campaign "usd 100 start bonus". Only in December, registering on this page, users will receive a usd 100 bonus. Funds are transferred in the form of Twisto points and can later be used to repay any account. It is worth hurrying, because the number of bonuses is limited.

The article was created in cooperation with Twisto