Do you play Fallout 76? Avoid public servers or you will lose all your belongings

fallout 76 items disappear

Bethesda in shape.

People playing Fallout 76 don't really have an easy life. Bethesda doubles and triples to cause them and new problems at least every month. The latest scandal can be safely classified as serious. You still remember how people paying (sic!) For a subscription Fallout First things disappeared from their bottomless boxes? Well, now items disappear to everyone, jointly and severally.

Bethesda confirmedthat Fallout 76 public servers are swarming with hackers enjoying the new fun method. Cybercriminals have targeted players' equipment, which they consistently … steal and delete. The attack occurs without the slightest participation on the part of the player. Just that the character controlled by the hacker is near the player's character. "Nearby" means "within the drawing range" of the game environment (this is called render distance).

To make matters worse, the developer has reported that he is unable to restore items "erased" from the inventory. If someone decides to steal and delete your armor and other goods, you will lose them forever.

More and more people are complaining about the loss of all possessions, and the only effective way to protect their achievements is not logging into public game servers. Bethesda is still working on solving the problem, which despite the passage of several days from the first reports from injured people still could not be worked out.

I remind you that private servers are only available for those paying extra Fallout First subscriptionwhich Bethesda did not even mention on the day of release …

Any of you still have patience with this game?

Source: Bethesda