Do you have Photoshop or Lightroom? Do not install macOS Catalina 10.15!

mac photoshop lightroom problems

You have to wait for corrections.

New system macOS Catalina 10.15 was released yesterday, but if you use Adobe software on your Mac, you should wait to update it. The manufacturer of the application for graphic designers reported that there are serious problems with the compatibility of tools with the new OS.

It seems that Photoshop and Lightroom Classic users are in trouble and they should not install macOS 10.15. Defects are a whole bunch and are associated primarily with plug-ins and compatibility with 32-bit applications.

For example, in Photoshop, changing the file extension in a field does not work "Format". Adobe claims that at the moment the problem is solved by manually adding the extension format to the field "Save as".

adobe problems 2

Users also have problems with The ExtendScript Toolkit, Lens Profile Creator functions, as well as plug-ins installed from the network or by drag-and-drop.

adobe problems 1

There are two known issues with Lightroom Classic. The first concerns the tethering function, which is unable to detect Nikon cameras. In addition, the Lens Profile Creator tool does not work.

The patches are on the way. Temporary solutions some of the issues listed above can be found on the official Adobe support pages at the source of the article.

Source: Adobe 1. 2